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The RC7500 (PID-7500)

A Computer Workstation and Development Board for the ARM7500

from Advanced Risc Technology

The RC7500 is a fully equipped computer board designed to aid ARM developers to generate software and hardware applications for the ARM7500 and other ARM based products. The RC7500 encorporates an Advanced RISC Machine CPU with Cache and MMU, including integrated peripherals, with addedd PC Combo I/O and Ethernet chips. Program development is aided by encorporation of a dedicated logic analyzer connector. The logic analyzer can be used monitor the ARM instructions for rapid software debug and can be triggered by a software breakpoint.

The RC7500 is made for the ARM users will be generating designs and writing code for embedded applications which include human interaction, such as video games, set top controllers, portable and desktop instumentation....

The RC7500 series development boards are expected to aid software and hardware developers in generating their own applications and hardware. the initial operating environment is to be monitor based with an expected progression to a real time multitasking operating system.


Ordering Information

Board Name VY86PID-7500

The RC7500 block Diagram

RC7500 Mounted in small PC workstation case

More Infomation on the RC7500
including Schematics.

Screen shot take from RC7500 running RiscBSD

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