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ART is Advanced RISC Technology

ART is also Art Sobel!

(also known as Arturo Sobellinni)


Art Sobel was the acting Hardware Applications Manager for Embedded products at VLSI Technolgy.
This means that I designed and built VLSI's ARM development boards. Examples are the PID/710a and RC7500 boards that used to be featured on this web site.

Previous positions were:

Next Computers
Hardware Chip Design - Ethernet, Laser Printer, Optical Disk Controller Withstood the Jobs unreality field for almost 2 years - I never could GROK that.

Tall Tree Systems
Chip Design Consultant for Grey Laser, Laser controller with greyscale engine.

Founder of Data Technology
(with Dave Tsang, Lloyd Ebisu, Jim Piccione, Charly Tseng, Larry Sarisky)
160Mbyte Winchester
Bit Slice Disk drive controllers - took this all the way to VSLI custom ICs over 8 years.
New management came in and we went out - and eventually so did the company.

Micro Computer Systems
This was the most crooked company (&guy) I have ever worked for!
After escaping from this company they (Jim Toresen) sued us and then used discovery to steal our designs and actually showed our boards at Comdex in his booth. Later he stole product designs that he was contracted to manufacture for IBM. This company had an active chapter of EST. One of his employees called us with a bomb threat. He "disappeared " his wife and his lawyer OD'ed. That mean he actually -- DIED!

Spectra Physics
Built several Laser Ray Guns and got a patent for the Laser Rod

Hewlett Packard 5 Mbyte 2314 Cartridge Disk Drive weighed 80 Pounds and was sold for $8000

USAF Electromagnetic Compatibility and Antenna Farms in Panama.

BSEE Rutgers University, MSEE Stanford University

2 Patents (2 more Pending)

Art's email address is

What Does Advanced RISC Technology do?

Our function is to provide information and consulting services for people and companies interested in the ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) architecture.

Hardware Design and Application Consulting

Full service board design to small scale production.

Software services provided by Art or by consultants.

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